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s the art teacher for the students at Özel İstanbul Koleji, I have many aims and objectives for my lessons for 2009-2010. Of course I will be teaching the children to draw,paint and make things.

We will be working with different materials, understanding colour ,form and texture. But my lessons will also be more than these things. My hope is to open their eyes and minds to the world around them. I want to show them that we can find something extraordinary in the ordinary.

I will encourage self expression, originality of thoughts and ideas and experimentation. We will look at art during different periods in history as well as other cultures around the
world for example Ancient Egypt and traditional Japanesse kimonos. We will also study other artists work for inspiration and visit various exhibitions in museums and galleries around İstanbul and the children will participate in related workshop activities.

The students will discover how art and design constantly surrounds us and our every day lives from the clothes we wear to the films we watch as well as furniture, shop window displays and  theatre. It is everywhere we look.

Any student I see that is showing great talent will  be strongly encouraged to take it further to their maximum potential.

I hope the children enjoy my art lessons and learn alot with me. I would also like to wish them luck and success for the year ahead at Özel İstanbul Koleji.

Gemma Phillips
Görsel Sanatlar Öğretmeni